On the plugins page I see that there is a new version of Visual Composer (or other plugin bundled with theme) available, but the update function is not working? How do I update?

Answer. You can not update such plugins without single license key. The reason of that is explained here. But that not means you will never get an update or plugins will not function as they should.

There are two ways to get the updates:

1) By waiting for upcoming theme updates where we will also update plugins to latest version.

To update this way, first you need to update a theme. Then go to plugins page, deactivate and remove plugin. If it will not allow you to deactivate and remove it (possible in some cases) – deactivate a theme, remove plugin, then activate again. After you will see a new message asking you to install that plugin. Follow it and you will have an updated installed from the theme files.

2) Buy a plugin single license, add your license key and get automatic updates anytime you want.